Our Staff

Who is who at Elliott Park

What makes our school great, is our fantastic children and staff. Meet our team below.

Colleen Hiller

Head Teacher

Mrs Hiller is our Head Teacher with 23 years international and local experience. She joined the school in 1997. Mrs Hiller is manager of the nursery class and is also responsible for our Early Years programme. mrs.hiller@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Samantha Dolman

Deputy Head and Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Dolman is our Deputy Head Teacher, graduated from University of Surrey and joined the staff in 1997. She is responsible for science throughout the school and for PE/games. Mrs Dolman is a qualified ASA teacher in charge of our swimming programme. mrs.dolman@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Claire Pierpoint

Reception Teacher

Mrs Pierpoint is responsible for our reception class alongside Mrs Fry. She has been associated with Elliott Park for over 20 years having chosen us as the primary school for her 3 sons. She has experience from working at other local primary schools and studying at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Astrid Fry

Reception Teacher

As the daughter of the founder of the school, the late Mr R E Fielder, Mrs Fry has been involved with the school since its creation, beginning her teaching career in 2000 and is qualified in Early Years, mrs.fry@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Jackie Swan

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Swan studied at Cambridge and has over 20 years experience teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 in various schools.

Laura Mahony

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Mahony joined the staff in September 2017 studied at Queen Mary University of London, 13 years experience in Early Years and KS1.

Nina Montgomery

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Montgomery joined the staff in September 2012, after five years experience in local primary schools. Miss Montgomery is also our literacy assessment co-ordinator. She has also recently completed her Masters in Early Childhood Education. miss.montgomery@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Daniella Hales

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Hales joined the staff in September 2017 Mrs Hales completed her PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church and is now working towards her Masters in Early Childhood Education.

Stuart Roberts

Year 6 Teacher

Mr Roberts graduated with a BSc in mathematics from the Open University. He achieved QTS in 2000 at a secondary school in south London. for the last 8 years Mr Roberts has been a SEN teacher in Gillingham. mr.roberts@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Chloe Bates

Nursery Assistant

Miss Bates joined the nursery staff in September 2012 as an assistant and has experience from working in Medway and Sheppey nurseries.

Laura Alston

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Alston joined the nursery in November 2016 as a nursery assistant and 1:1 support worker. She studied at Canterbury and has 9 years experience working within Swale nurseries.

Laura Johnson


Mrs Johnson has experience as a class teacher in a London primary school. She held positions in senior management, head of year and subject leader. She has worked with children of all abilities including those considered Gifted and Talented. mrs.johnson@elliottparkschool.co.uk

Kirsty Roberts

School Secretary

Mrs Roberts is our Administrative Assistant. She joined the staff in September 2017 after working for another local school.

Steve Halsey

Caretaker and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr Halsey is our caretaker, handyman and lunchtime supervisor. He joined us in 2015. Mr Halsey also assists with after-school clubs.

Michael Burleigh


An ex Borden Grammar School pupil and Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music. He has taught instrumental lessons in local schools for 15 years. Mr Burleigh teaches music to the whole school and to individuals by arrangement.

Jane Mills

Cleaner and Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Mills has worked at the school for many years as our cleaner and is one of our lunchtime supervisors.

Debra Mayes

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Mayes is one of our lunchtime supervisors.


It is our belief that education is a route to the well-being of the individual. We believe in equal opportunities for all the children in our school, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender or ability. In order to ensure future progress and success, we aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced. It is our belief that we should provide a learning environment that is motivating, exciting and caring, in order for a child to develop a sense of high self-esteem and academic achievement.