Weekly Awards

Weekly awards are given to children at our praise assembly, where we recognise each child's individual strengths.

Week ending 07.12.12

A Bronze house point certificate was awarded to Abigail.

Silver certificates were awarded to: Muriah, Ted, Rocco, Malachi, Terence, Hannah P, and Primrose.

Gold certificates were awarded to: Isabella, Niamh, Lillie-Rose, Lilly, Lewis, Erin, Joshua, Oliver, Hadassah, Terence and Kieron.

Super Gold certificates were awarded to Rachel, Max and Austeja. Well done to you all!

Week ending 23.11.18

Bronze certificates were awarded to Hannah Searl & Isaac.

Silver certificates were awarded to Zack, Theo,
Poppy Watson and Justin.

A gold certificate was awarded to Rachel.

In Buster's Book Club:
Hanover class exceeded their target of 140 minutes by reading for over 1000 minutes! They win the reading trophy this week.

Week ending 16.11.18

Bronze certificates were awarded to:
Malachi, Muriah, Josie-Jo, and Austin.

Silver certificates were awarded to:
Lewis, Joshua, Niamh, Sienna, Jim, Scarlett Sives, Sophie, Hannah Simpson and Poppy Watson.

A Gold certificate was awarded to Austeja.

In Word Mania Saxon class came 2nd place in round 1.

Week ending 09.11.18

This week has been extremely productive, with many of our children receiving praise for their achievements.

Norman Class showed us all their WW2 Anderson shelter models. The children demonstrated ingenious use of materials to depict Anderson shelters in miniature, well done to you all!

Word Mania - Saxon class and Stuart class are winners of the London region - practise round.

All children in Windsor class were awarded their grade one or two certificate for "Bikeability".

Bronze house point certificates were awarded to:
Ayva, Josie, Michelle, Poppy Payne, Isabel, Brendan, Scarlett Williams, Justin, Isabella, Cae and Niamh.

Silver certificates were awarded to:
Isabella, Rachel, Erin, Oliver, Hadassah and Kieron.

A Gold certificate was awarded to Max.
Well done to you all for your hard work.

This week special commendation was given to Josie, James and Ayva from Sunbeams class, for their good work in R.E. All three were awarded a Head teacher certificate.

Week ending 02.11.18

Austeja read a firework poem to the whole school,
thank you Austeja!

Isaac Vickery was awarded his Pen Licence from
Mrs Dolman.

These children were awarded their Bronze house point certificates:

Zachary Marowa, Evie Auston, Florence Loghmani,
James Locker, Arhie Brooks, Hannah Packman,
Terence King, Theo Devine, Hollie Waghorn,
Poppy Watson, Alfie Mayes, James Harris,
Josh Hollands and Tasnia Rahman.

Freya Wilson was awarded her Silver certificate,
Well done to you all!

Week ending 19.10.18

Hanover class were awarded their Pen Licences from Mrs Dolman.

Bronze certificates were awarded to:
Kieron Hammond, Zack Byrne, Theo Devine,
Primrose Gray, Hannah Searl, Hannah Simpson,
Scarlett Sives, Hadassah Oyelade, Sophie Waghorn,
Erin Mahony, Lillie-Rose Lumsden, Niamh Crawley, and Isabella Hales

Silver certificates were awarded to:
Austeja Balnyte, Max Payne, Lilly Byrne,
Tramaine Pensado,

Week ending 05.10.18

Joshua, Oliver, Rocco & Ted were awarded their Bronze House point certificates at our Praise Assembly.

Week ending 28.09.18

Austeja, Jim, Lewis, Rachel and Sienna were all awarded their Bronze Housepoint certificates.

Hollie Waghorn was congratulated for her achievement in securing a scholarship to Gad's Hill School. She will take up her place there next September.

Week ending 21.09.18

This week the Head Teacher award was presented to Tramaine Pensado for his amazing progress in English.

Week ending 14.09.18

Certificates were awarded to the following children for their achievement in the music exams that were held during the summer break:

Freya Wilson achieved a Merit in the Grade 2 Recorder exam.
Alfie Mayes achieved a Pass in the Grade 2 Recorder exam.
Austeja Balnyte achieved a Distinction in the Level 1 Singing exam.
Hollie Waghorn achieved a Distinction in the Level 1 Singing exam.
Primrose Gray achieved a Merit in the Level 1 Singing exam.

Well done to them all!


It is our belief that education is a route to the well-being of the individual. We believe in equal opportunities for all the children in our school, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender or ability. In order to ensure future progress and success, we aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced. It is our belief that we should provide a learning environment that is motivating, exciting and caring, in order for a child to develop a sense of high self-esteem and academic achievement.